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Take your music career to the next level

Fan Pass Artist Pro merges live-streaming and e-commerce to help your music career grow. While you keep your fans entertained, they’re also converting into future customers.

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Events. Merchandise. Analytics. Community. Revenue.

Sell Tickets

Fan Pass makes selling tickets easy; you keep 100% of the price you set!

Monetize your Fanbase

You’ll receive payments on a monthly basis from Fan Pass subscriber revenue based on your content views.

Custom Merchandise

Work directly with our design team to create exclusive custom designs your fans will love! We handle design, store activation, printing and shipping - you earn 50% of the profit (included in Artist Pro).

Artist Contests

Participate to win streaming equipment, graphic designs, cash prizes and more. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start earning!

advanced analytics

Personal Analytics Department in your pocket.

Understand everything that's driving your business and your fans with access to the tools to take it all to the next level.

become a pro
artist channel

Connect with your fans in a personal way

Keep your fans up-to-date with Fan Pass, the easiest way to stream online, announce new music, spotlight artists in your crew, share backstage content or just have fun.

Post Videos, Photos, Audio, Interviews and more!

Live Stream & Publishing Controls

The opportunity to grow your live audience – and income!

Fan Pass is all about interaction, engagement and creating content that your fans will love.

Share audio, videos, and photos to your channel or stream live to your fans!

Passion. Merch. Profit.

Your own merchandise store without the fuss

Fan Pass Artist Pro allows you to sell official merchandise to your fans directly. We’ll activate and manage your store while also handling all printing, fulfillment, and shipping on your behalf.

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Artist Dashboard

Stay Connected to Your Passion

Real-time updates and one-tap access to view earnings, merch sales, tickets and social data.

Maintain Complete Control

Fan Pass is your ticket to the future of fan engagement.

Fan Pass is a true artist platform, with tools that allows you to schedule your content throughout the day, sell tickets and custom merch, and engage with fans — all at the same time!


Attract more fans. Make more money.

By becoming an Artist Pro on Fan Pass, we’ll promote your upcoming events across our platforms, driving fans to buy tickets and growing your revenue.

become a pro

What Artists Are Saying About Fan Pass

"This platform is really awesome and the communication from the staff is amazing! I love the fact that I am interacting with real people that really understand the true craft and realization of each artist."

Brazy Luca

"Shoutout to Fan Pass, I can truly say as both a featured artist and verified streamer this is the best team to have behind you!"


"Absolutely love this app and the people that work on the team they give an opportunity to up-and-coming artists to be paid for their content, house their merch, promote their events and contests every month from cash prizes to pro services to equipment and gadgets. Love it download it now!"

Yungblaze 619

"My experience with Fan Pass has been amazing. This platform comes with a lot of support: support from the company and the fans on the app. Fan Pass gives incentives to musicians for streaming live unlike other companies like YouTube and Instagram."

Ball Hog Beats

"I had a great experience with you guys, you guys were so communicative and responsive. We highly appreciate that!"

Leeky Bandz

"What don't y'all do lol y'all amazing! So thankful thank you"


Connect to your fanbase and grow your revenue

Fan pass is the best place for artists to share their music, sell merchandise, sell tickets, grow their audience and get paid.

become a pro

Limited Time Offer:
Sign up now and get your first t-shirt design for FREE!